The Long and Winding Road Takes the Path Less Traveled!

To fully understand my art and the man behind the lens, one needs to understand the unique path I’ve taken—which is definitely a “Road Less Traveled”—and learn a bit more about who I am. The definition works both ways round: my work in part defines me, and who I am defines, energizes, and bounds my work, and gives my art the power that it has. 

In other words, since I have been at it a while, my work as an artist and photographer can be said to be the face I deserve. My work in large measure defines me, although of course I am also a husband, father, and lover of wild things.

Read Behind the Lens with Harold Davis on the Topaz Labs Blog, which I wrote to give some idea of the long and winding path less traveled that I’ve taken to become the artist and photographer I am today.

Road Less Traveled by Harold Davis
Road Less Traveled © Harold Davis

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  1. I have read this article when it was published and now that I read it again, I like it even more. You can find an endless number of articles and books on art and photography, but not as many about the heart and mind of an artist. I am so much more interested in learning about the mindset of artists whose work I admire and like than technical articles and books. I do like working digital no doubt, but an exchange with a fellow artist is so much more rewarding. Thanks for this, Harold.

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