Take Home a Wimpy

Wimpy was a name of a chain of burger restaurants that were popular back in the day in England (I believe the Wimpy chain began life in South Africa). Wimpy burgers could aptly be described as deplorable. There really is no way around the poor quality of the food at a Wimpy.

Take Home a Wimpy © Harold Davis

I took this photo around 1968 in front of a Wimpy in London, England. In the rear is my mom Virginia and my dad Martin. In the middle row, from the left, my brother Nathan, Monica Hughes, and Steven Hughes. The front row has three younger Hughes children. The Hughes were a family we spent time with. I can be seen as a shadowy reflection in the plate glass window of the Wimpy taking the photo.

My father says that when he brought all these kids (my brother and I and the five Hughes children) inside the Wimpy for a treat he was asked if all seven children were his and my mom’s.

Of course, he said “Yes,” and enjoyed watching the jaws drop.

The apple, they say, doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I have enjoying taking my four kids to a playground with a couple of other friends of the children along, and replying in the affirmative when asked if they were all mine!

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