Exploring Tokyo for Photographers (Oct 24-Nov 1, 2020)

Photograph Tokyo with Harold Davis and Mark Brokering (Oct 24-Nov 1, 2020)

One of the truly great cities of the modern world, Tokyo is extraordinarily photogenic, and surprisingly easy to get around in. When the maple trees change color in the autumn, and ultra new meets ancient and old, Tokyo can be particularly beautiful. Please click here for details of the itinerary, and click here for the Reservation Form!

An early-bird discount applies until Oct 31, 2019.

We look forward to exploring Tokyo with you.

Join acclaimed photographer Harold Davis and co-host Mark Brokering for the experience of a lifetime in Tokyo exploring the culture, food, and art of Japan—all with our cameras!

Umbrellas, Tokyo © Harold Davis

Japanese cuisine is probably my favorite food. And I am not alone in this affinity. Did you know that there are more three-star Michelin restaurants in Japan than in France?

I feel lucky to be exploring Japan with someone as knowledgeable about food and cooking as Mark Brokering. Mark has been teaching cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma for the past year. And he has been enjoying the cooking of his Japanese sister-in-law for decades. He’s been to Japan many times for work and for family visits. He tells me that noodles like ramen and soba, a staple of Japanese home cooking, are ideal anytime—breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

You may also not know that in Japan there are a wide variety of tasty egg dishes, including assorted tamagoyaki (kind of an egg-roll omelet) and tamago sushi (rice topped with sliced cooked egg and wrapped around with a strip of Nori seaweed).

Of course, if you’re into sushi, you won’t find another country that offers raw fish in such variety and elegance of preparation.

On this photo trip, we will explore the Tokyo culinary scene together, making sure that there are plenty of comfort food options, as well as ventures into the exotic and unknown.

Buddha Samadhi, Tokyo © Harold Davis

Here’s what some participants in past travel workshops with Harold Davis had to say:

  • “Had an awesome time with Harold and the workshop participants.  Itching to go back.”
  • “What an agreeable group of travel companions they were! A once-in-a-lifetime experience that I plan to repeat next spring!”
  • “Would follow Harold and his camera anywhere!”
  • “Harold has great skill, without the ego of most master photographers. Travel arrangements were perfect.”
  • “One thing I really liked about the photo tour that Harold set up is that we had plenty of time to photograph in the best locations, and really prioritized when the light would be good.”

An early-bird discount applies until Oct 31, 2019. Click here for itinerary details and other information, and here for the Reservation Form.

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