Metamorphosis to Autumn

Even here in the Bay area, in a season rife with wild fires and air that is unseasonably warm, we can feel the shift towards autumn. Renewal, I am reminded, comes after the darkest time of year. So it is with hope that I look forward to the metamorphosis to autumn, and bring hope to the thought that come November we will collectively start to find a better way forward.

Metamorphosis © Harold Davis
Metamorphosis © Harold Davis

I photographed these beautiful sunflowers, dahlia, and roses—all a little past their prime in a wabi-sabi kind of way—using an old baking sheet as the background. To finish the image in Photoshop, I added some texture overlays and a frame. 

The title of my image, Metamorphosis, represents the change that autumn brings, followed first by the coolness of winter, then the reprieve of renewal.

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