A new dawn—and the upcoming Photographing Flowers for Transparency webinar

Watching the inauguration ceremony for President Biden and Vice-President Harris this morning, I wept. Tears of joy at having a competent, caring, decent administration that believes in science in charge. Tears of sadness for all those we’ve lost to Covid-19, and for the shattering of comity, sanity, and truth. Tears of relief that there is hope, and that we can start over without descending further down the rabbit hole of know-nothingism, authoritarianism, and fascism.

Now you know where I stand, if you didn’t know already. If you disagree with me, that is your right, but I hope we can do it with love and respect for each other.

Anyhow. We’ll be presenting the first in my sequence of Photographing Flowers for Transparency webinars this Saturday January 23 at 11am PT.

I’ve been asked several times how this webinar will differ from the recordings I have posted on YouTube and from the previous Photographing Flowers for Transparency live webinar (which I gave back in April 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic).

There’s no really easy answer to this question.

Of course, a live webinar differs from a recording. For one thing, you can ask questions, and also be involved in the community that has coalesced around our webinars. A live webinar is part way to an in-person workshop (which I can’t wait to resume) compared to a recording.

In terms of the content I will present, some of it will be the same. But I don’t really like to repeat myself, and in the intervening months I’ve also been pretty creative with light box photography, and learned a fair amount about webinar presentation. We do expect to present some new material, and I am looking forward to showing you some exciting ways to accomplish great light box results.

I hope you consider joining us!

You’ll find our upcoming schedule of webinars by clicking here. You can view our recordings from the past year by clicking here.

Wheel of Fortune © Harold Davis
Wheel of Fortune © Harold Davis

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