Prints on Entrada Rag Natural Coldpress by Moab

I was asked by Moab Paper to try out their new paper, Entrada Rag Natural Coldpress 100% Cotton Fine Art Paper (in full disclosure, Moab is a much appreciated sponsor of mine). This is an excellent and surprising paper that combines texture and cotton goodness with full tonal range photographic printing, as you can see in these samples.

Prints on Entrada Rag Natural Coldpress © Harold Davis

The paper feels thick and luscious, and the combination of an almost “watercolor” texture with the ability to render crisp, dynamic photography makes for an incredible pairing for many images, as you can see from the selection shown above and below, all printed on Entrada Rag Natural Coldpress Cotton Fine Art Paper. 

Click here for Moab’s Entrada Rag page (scroll to the bottom for Natural Coldpress 300).

The prints below are Daffodil Bunch (2022), Hotel de Sully (Paris, 2014), Back Canal (Venice, 2022), Bottle Collection and Tripping the Glass Fantastic (both Maine, 2022). Also shown above are Nachi-san (Japan, 2013) and Dahlia Daze (2022).

Click the images to view the prints larger. Please contact us if you are interested in one of my prints.

Print of “Daffodil Bunch” © Harold Davis
Print of “Back Canal” © Harold Davis
Print of Hotel de Sully © Harold Davis
“Bottle Collection” and “Tripping the Glass Fantastic” © Harold Davis

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