Moon Caucus

I’ve been working on photographing the wonderful full moon we’ve had the last few evenings, and you’ll see some of the results in this photo-collage.

While out on our roof with a long lens pointed at the moon, I turned and saw the city–and started fooling around. During long exposures, I tried zooming slowly, and moving the camera slowly. The results in the LCD seemed kind of interesting. Perhaps the vibration reduction feature in the lens made the lines of light seem more steady than they would have otherwise.

Back in Photoshop, I sandwiched the moon together with the light show, using a layer mask and a circular gradient.

This one reminds me of a bunch of weird aliens (the caucus of the title) gathered together to perform some ritual under the light of a baleful moon.

In contrast, this one seems more to me like a benign (but still alien) creature dancing under the moon:

Moon Dance

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