Sunsets and the Bay

Lately I’ve been photographing sunsets over the San Francisco Bay from my various eyries in the Berkeley Hills (see Bay Sunset Silhouette, Sunset Over San Francisco, Lights of the City, and Brilliance of Venus).

This is really my first season photographing sunsets and the Bay, so I don’t know for sure. But I’m told the last month or so has been unusually spectacular. I’ve certainly enjoyed it.

Here are some more of my Bay sunset photos.

Bay Sunset Cloud:

Bay Sunset Cloud

View Bay Sunset Cloud larger.

I’ve always felt Mt. Tamalpais is a very special, sacred place. It seems that way in this photo of Mount Tamalpais Sunset:

Mount Tamalpais Sunset

View Mount Tamalpais Sunset larger.

A Cloudy, Golden Gate Sunset:

Cloudy Golden Gate Sunset

View Cloudy, Golden Gate Sunset larger.

Shipping Lanes was taken at 400mm (or 600mm in 35mm terms) with my Nikon D70 tripod mounted. The exposure was three seconds, which was long enough to see the freighter move compared to the bridge:

Shipping Lanes

View Shipping Lanes larger.

Here’s a gentler view of a Golden Gate Pastel Sunset:

Golden Gate Pastel Sunset

View Golden Gate Pastel Sunset larger.

Here are some more of my photos from around the San Francisco Bay area:

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