Sunset near Bakersfield

Phyllis, the kids, and I drove to Phoenix and back over New Year’s. Actually, since the Phoenix is a bird that dies and is reborn, this is an appropriate sounding destination at the turning of the year.

We went to Phoenix to spend some time with Phyllis’s parents and family on the occasion her dad Ken’s 80th birthday.

Two days drive there and two days back in a car with three small kids was on the grueling side of things, but also fun. The weather was mixed, with an immense storm front blanketing California, and cloud-filled sunsets and sunrises in the desert.

Of course, I took photos along the way! For example, these photos of sunset and fields along the road near Bakersfield, California on our first night out.

Sunset near Bakersfield 1

View this photo larger.

Sunset near Bakersfield 3

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