Phoenix Roundtrip

A number of related blog stories tell how we bundled the three kids in the car and drove two days each way there-and-back again for a family celebration. Along the way, I stopped to take photos.

Here’s the story in order from beginning to end.

Sunset near Bakersfield The year turns, and the sun sets, as I photograph the furrows of Bakersfield.
Barstow Sunrise Up before the kids to photograph the sunrise.
Winter Mojave Flower How many times can you listen to “Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel?” We go for the world record.
Kids! Kar! Krazy! Be careful when playing on the Santa Fe tracks…
Birthday Boy The reason for the Phoenix roundtrip.
Where Saguaros Grow to Heaven Magnificent sentinels of the Southwest.
Saguaro Silhouette Sunset Long lens on sunset and saguaros.
Farewell 2005! A fiery sunset ends the year and greets our return to California.

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