End of the Road

End, photo by Harold Davis.

This is the end of the road on the incomparable Bolinas plateau. Well, you couldn’t really go much further, could you? Unless you were going to jump into the Pacific…I guess another example of the fine wit and wisdom of Caltrans (the California Department of Transportation).

We spent a nice morning tidepooling at Agate Beach. Here’s a picture of the beach:

At low tide we could all wander on the beach:

Family at Agate Beach

Nicky enjoyed chucking rocks in a pool. Julian was great at finding and identifying sea creatures. We found a starfish:


Julian held this crab in his hands. It was still alive, but missing some of its claws, poor thing:

Julian Holding a Crab

Of course, Yoda showed up in the tidepools, too. Shown here “communing with a Starfish we are”:

Yoda and Starfish

After the tide started coming in, we repaired to Bolinas for lunch at the cafe with some friends. Nicky passed out in the carriage. Julian ate a huge pancake. I had some oysters and chips. Then we went to the Bolinas beach and played. Julian found some big kids and started telling them how to build a huge sand castle (the waves swept it away in the end). Nicky ran in and out of the waves. Mathew explored the sand with great delight. On the way home we drove up and along the slopes of the beautiful golden brown green Mount Tamalpais:

Slopes of Mt Tamalpais

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