I’ve been playing with shadows. The idea is to construct compositions where the shadow is as important (or more important) than the object creating the shadow. Sometimes an object and its shadow relate; other times the shadow has mostly been released, and is on its own.

Joseph's Glasses

Joseph’s Glasses, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

These are traditional photos, in the sense that the art lies in the photography, not the Photoshop post-processing. Actually, the issues are mostly conceptual because the setups are simple. All you really need is a room that can be completely darkened, and a harsh light that can be directed.

For these shots, I used a Lowel Tungsten spot with barn doors on a light stand (something home made would also work fine). The light was positioned opposite the camera and above the objects.

Of course, you also need something with an interesting shadow to photograph.

Shadow Play

View this image larger.

Shadow of the Glass
View this image larger.

Shell Shadow

View this image larger.

Special thanks to Joseph Siroker for helping to send me down this shadowy path.

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