Force of Nature

Mathew, our youngest, looks like he’s an angel. Particularly when he’s asleep. It’s hard to reconcile this with the fact that he is the most self-willed of our kids, has an incredibly loud screaming voice, and will temper-tantrum heaven and earth to get what he wants. Who’d know?

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  1. […] understand cheeky, but he’s nothing compared to Mathew his youngest sibling: a real force of nature.

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    on Friday, March 1 […]

  2. […] e napping so that we can get more sleep at night. As I’ve noted before, Mathew is a force of nature!

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    on Saturday, July […]

  3. […] n to fall asleep at the lunch table, his head silently slipping into his bowl of cereal. Mathew is shown above in a perfect child’s pose beside his tracks and Gordon. Here’s Nicky, […]

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