Twisted Stairs

Twisted Stairs

Twisted Stairs, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

This is a fisheye shot looking up from beneath the bell tower stairs at the Revolutionary Museum in Trinidad, Cuba.

At the entrance to the empty museum, I asked the guard—who had been sitting out in the plaza—whether I could go up the tower before I paid my one C.U.C. (convertible peso) admission. I had no interest in another set of rooms filled with memorablia from the revolutionary era. I did want to climb the tower. But when I got the to point shown in the photo there was a barrier across the stairs. So I went back down and asked for my money back. The guard came up and removed the barrier, asking me to be sure not to ring the bells.

The view in this photo has definite shades of Escher, but stay tuned: Playing with the image is in my plans.

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