Fog Rising, Yosemite

The rain that’s been falling in the San Francisco area translates to snow in the Sierras. Here’s an image from last month in Yosemite Valley, looking sideways at Yosemite Falls from the banks of the Merced River.

A viewer has called my treatment of this photo “monochromatic”–meaning nothing but good by it, and that I manipulated the image in post-processing to remove chromatic effects. Not really so. Essentially, when I took this photograph the world was low on color (but hardly monochromatic). I do have a standard way of processing these winter low-color images that involves boosting saturation, and manipulating the levels. But I’d hardly call it monochromatic.

You can see more of my Yosemite images on Flickr–and in the Yosemite category on Photoblog 2.0.

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