Sunshine in the Gazania Forest

Gazanias, also called African Daisies, are easy to grow around here and gourgeous. The flower, which is apparently called Rankbotterblom by Afrikaaners and Ububendle by the Zulu, makes a glorious Berkeley ground cover.

These photos were taken with my 105mm macro lens (now returned from the shop), and my Nikon macro flash setup. I stopped the aperture down almost as far as it would go for maximum depth-of-field.

Gazania in Assembly

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Gazania Center

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Wet Gazania

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Gazania Water Drop

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With this photo, I played a little in Photoshop after taking it, by adding a blur filter around the petals (but not the center) of the Gazania:

Soft Gazania

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Here’s one of my earlier photos of a Gazania. Gosh, I love these unpretentious but beautiful flowers!

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