Flowering Dogwood, Yosemite

I took this photo last month outside Camp Curry in Yosemite Valley. Click here for the Yosemite category on Photoblog 2.0, and here for Harold’s Yosemite set on Flickr.

When I say outside Camp Curry, I mean right hard by the front gate of the place. It’s amazing that you can stand there and look up at an incredible view like this while down below everyone scurries around in grubby Camp Curry.

Camp Curry may be grubby. Actually, it is grubby! But it was founded with noble ideals – making the grandeur of Yosemite affordable to the masses. And my son Julian loves the place. It is his idea of paradise, with warrens of rocks and paths to wander through, campfire talks at night – the perfect summer camp with Daddy.

Two schools of thought, really, about how to photograph in such a place: do you show Camp Curry in all its unclean washrooms, scurry around the pizza concession, human ant heap *or* do you edit the picture by framing to show the wonders of nature? Obviously, in this photo I took the second road (as I usually seem to do in nature or the wilderness).

I also post-processed this a bit in Photoshop, adjusting one set of color and contrast for highlight areas (the dogwood) and another for the shadows (the cliffs). I also dodged the cliffs to bring out the details.

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