Barbara’s Flower and a Dialog

Our friend Barbara heard about Julian’s accident, and came by the house with flowers. She was surprised to find Julian home from the hospital and resting quietly. I thanked Barbara for the flowers, and told her I would probably end up capturing them. Hence this image. Thanks for the flowers, Barbara!

After Julian had been home a few days, he started complaining about terrible headaches. Not too surprising with a fractured skull. But I thought I should talk to his pediatrician, the wonderful Dr. Cuthbertson of Berkeley Pediatrics.

I called Berkeley Pediatrics as soon as their phone system went on in the morning. It’s astounding the gauntlet you have to run these days to get a call back even from a caring and responsive doctor.

Harold: We’d like a call back from Dr. Cuthbertson. My son Julian fractured his skull last week, and is having headaches.

Receptionist: He’s having pain?

Harold: Yes.

Receptionist: What is the reason for the pain?

Harold: Well, if you fractured your skull, you’d probably have a headache too.

Receptionist: You don’t have to be rude.

Bottom line: A very helpful conversation with Dr. Cuthbertson, and a few days later Julian’s headaches are gone.

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