Kids, Hiking, and a Warm Fire

It’s great that my kids love hiking. Nicky, shown above, is at the start of the Inspiration Point trail in Tilden Park near where we live. Julian, below, is shown on the Pine Mountain trail.

Julian on the Pine Mountain Trail

Of course, it’s also nice to come home to a warm fire. I photographed our family together on a low kids-height sofa using my self-timer and a low kids-height tripod. I used the ambient light from the room and fireplace, and a fairly long exposure (1/6 of a second). From left to right: Nicky (age 5), Phyllis, Mathew (he’s two), Harold, Julian (9). Perhaps it is but a reflection of reality that the kids look relaxed in front of the fire, and Phyllis and I look crazed and tired.

By the Fire

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