Mount Diablo and the Foothills

On Christmas Day 2006 the coastal range was bathed in clouds that made the scene look like Chinese ink brush landscape paintings. I took a picture looking west at San Francisco from the top of the ridge, and the image above of Mount Diablo looking east.

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  1. […] it to me, it is the highest mountain-without-roads in the Bay area. You can drive up both Mt Diablo and Mt Tamalpais, and they have structures at the top. The only way to get up Wildcat is to w […]

  2. […] My not so devious photographer’s plan was to end the day at sunset on top of nearby Mt Diablo. What I didn’t know then that I know now was that Nicky was coming down with an intest […]

  3. […] n of my tripod, but still, it worked. The photo above is a thirty second exposure showing Mount Diablo, Pleasanton, I680, and a fog bank sweeping across the hills. The photo below is a cropped […]

  4. By Snow in the Coastal Range | Photoblog 2.0 on August 9, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    […] It rained most of the night, and towards morning got cold enough to snow at the crest of the coastal hills. Snow is rare indeed around here. In the morning, Phyllis got the kids to school and I headed for the hills above Oakland. As the sun burnt the fog and snow away I made this image facing towards Mt Diablo. You can see the clump of trees on the upper left in this wider view from 2007. […]

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