Winter Sea

Julian had no school on Monday, so we headed out to Point Reyes to watch whales and take some photos. Winter is great for photography on Point Reyes. There’s much less fog than in the summer in this most-Western and often fog-bound peninsula jutting out into the Pacific.

As the sun set, we stood on a bluff on North Beach overlooking the Gulf of the Farallones. This time exposure turned the hard-charging Pacific breakers to soft white and brought out colors in the waves not visible to the naked eye.

I’ve found that digital landscape time exposures at dusk or in the night are highly unpredictable because the sensor picks up light that is present but not within our visible spectrum. In this case the effect is a bit like an expressionistic water color.

Some other interesting low-light time exposures: Approaching Rain, Marin Headlands at Dusk, Starry Night, and Beyond the Visible.

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