Using Email to Find an Audience

My new column explains how to use email to find an audience for your photos.

Got Mail?
Here’s the article description:

Harold’s new series of columns on Finding an Audience for Your Photography will cover many topics focused around expanding your fan base, marketing potential and money-making opportunities. This month’s installment covers email marketing. For Harold, email is of crucial importance because it allows him to communicate directly with people who are interested in his work and let them know about things that are important in real time. Better yet, his email list works hand and glove with his other marketing endeavors. Harold’s experience in this arena should help to give you a jump start on building your own list and sending out your own emails. Why not get started today?

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About the image: This photo shows the old-fashioned cubbies used to sort mail for guests I found in the lobby of the Hotel Nacional in Havana, Cuba.

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