Cheat Sheet: Digital Black & White

The idea behind our new Cheat Sheet series of e-Publications is that they will do three things for you in a simple and inexpensive way. Each Cheat Sheet takes a specific area of digital photography—this first one covers Black & White. If you need a refresher course, the Cheat Sheet will give you a quick overview of the topic. In the field—perhaps using the Kindle reader on your iPhone—the Cheat Sheet provides a checklist of things you should remember. Finally, you can use the links in the cheat sheet to find more information about the topic.

Each Cheat Sheet sells for 99 cents. You have to go to a Dollar Store to find anything else this cheap.

Cheat Sheet: Digital Black & White includes an example photo, a checklist, and commonly asked questions and answers.

Cheat Sheet: Digital Black & White

Here’s the product description on Amazon: Best-selling author and award-winning photographer Harold Davis gives you the low-down on creating great black and white images with a checklist and Q & A that you can take with you anywhere.

Each Harold Davis photography Cheat Sheet is intended to provide you succinct information about a specific topic when and where you need it. You can use this Cheat Sheet in several ways. The Cheat Sheet provides an overview of everything you need to know about a photographic topic if you need to refresh your memory. In addition, you can use a Cheat Sheet in the field as a check list to make sure you haven’t forgotten an important aspect of a specific kind of digital photography.

Each Cheat Sheet includes a photo case study, a checklist for use in the field, and the most common questions and answers regarding the specific photographic topic.

Compiled and written by master photographer and author Harold Davis, and extensively field-tested, you will find each Cheat Sheet an invaluable addition to your photographic arsenal.

Did you know that it’s easy to read a Kindle book on your Windows PC, Mac OS-X, iPad, or almost any other device? There’s no cost for downloading the readers for these platforms.

We’ve now published three straight-to-Kindle e-Books: Besides Cheat Sheet: Digital Black & White the photo love poem Eros: Sensual Portraits is our second straight-to-Kindle e-Book. The first one is DAM: Be the Boss of Your Photos.

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