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A Personal Statement about My Workshop

For me, photography is life and life is photography. You can’t separate who you are from the photos you make. Every good photo shows something of the spirit and soul of its creator.

It’s called digital photography for a reason. Digital photography is a new medium. The craft of digital photography combines the craft of photography with the discipline of software. Digital photographers can spend more time with the computer than with cameras. And digital cameras are special-purpose computers with a lens and a scanner attached.

A pixel is but a pixel: meaning that if the final digital image works it doesn’t matter how we get there. A digital image can be created using one part digital capture and one part digital painting in Photoshop.

My workshop Digital Workflow: From the Field to Flickr explains these aspects of the technical craft of digital photography in the context of my work. But the workshop is not about me as much as it is about the participants in the workshop, who’ll each leave the workshop with their own personalized digital workflow.

Technique without soul and vision is nothing, so my real goal in my workshop is to help each participant understand what photography means in their own life. We’ll explore photography together as a journey, not a destination, and accept a happy, busy, creative, and fun week together as a quest. This is a visual, philosophic, and sentimental quest. The results may not be what you expect, but I can guarantee adventures along the way.

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