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New Column

Transparency on Black

Transparency on Black, photo by Harold Davis. View the original story about this image.

My new column in the Creativity in the Photoshop Darkroom series is up. This month’s column is Inverting Backgrounds with LAB. Here’s the description:

In this creative Photoshop Darkroom series with Harold Davis, we explored a few other techniques using the LAB color space in Photoshop. This month’s column explains the basics of inverting a solid black or solid white background in LAB. You might be interested if you want to alter the background of an image: perhaps for a creative effect, perhaps you had no choice about the background when you shot the image, or you’d like to present a matched pair of photos of the same subject—one on a white and another on a black background. Harold presents this advanced technique step-by-step.


Go to Inverting Backgrounds with LAB.

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Creative Black & White

Advance Copy Creative Black & White

Advance Copy Creative Black & White, photo by Harold Davis.

In keeping with family tradition, Katie Rose is shown here happily perusing an advance copy of Creative Black & White. We’re hoping for a similar expression on every reader’s face.

Sung to the tune of Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof:

Katie Rose and The Photoshop Darkroom
Katie Rose and Creative Close-Ups
Katie Rose and Creative Night
Katie Rose and Creative Composition

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Portraits of the Kids

The Door Opens for Katie Rose

The Door Opens for Katie Rose, photo by Harold Davis.

I spent some time over the weekend making portraits of our kids. These were impromptu photo sessions in dappled shade in our garden, nothing fancy.

Katie Rose (above) is swiftly approaching her second birthday. She is a bundle of intelligence and joy, and a miracle made manifest. The Day My Daughter Was Born explains a bit of the back story.

Mathew (below) is an intense and handsome child. When he forgets to be unhappy he is sunny and truly a pleasure to be around. Mathew gives the best hugs!


Nicky (below) is truly unique. Small for his age, he is passionate, wise, and very witty.

When you look at Julian (far below), you can see the kind intelligence in his eyes. He meets his challenges with grace and persistence—and we are all rooting for him.



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Leaf’s Edge

Leaf's Edge

Leaf’s Edge, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

In the early morning light I slipped out with my camera, flip-flops on the wet grass. On this leaf, the rising sun hit the water drops on the knife’s edge—the drops themselves casting shadows, while the transparency of the leaf gleamed with capillarity.

Life is sometimes like the edge on this leaf. We don’t know which side holds the shadows, and which the sun’s refraction. The gap between front and back can be as thin as this leaf, as brief as a heart beat, or as ephermal as a change in emotion or perception.

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Making Herself Small


Kellie, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

I posed Kellie by asking her to make herself as small as possible (not easy for this six foot plus model).

She did her very best to oblige, and looked at me like “what is this crazy photographer up to”—hence the wonderful stare and glare in this photo.

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