Point Bonita Lighthouse

I’ve been photographing the Golden Gate for years now (quite literally) for a book project at all seasons, in different weather, and from as many good locations as I can find. I can’t believe it, the project is coming to an end. The book is at the point of design, and I have a pool of more photos (shown here as a Flickr set) than I can possibly use. Still, this is the use it or lose it moment. So I’ve been going back through my archives, and post-processing worthy photo candidates.

The Point Bonita Lighthouse guards the southern side of the entrance to the Golden Gate, so I guess this photo counts as a possibility. I took the photo last month in clear sunset weather. (Here’s more of the story.)

Help me decide which photos to include in my book! If you have any favorites from my collection of Golden Gate photos that should definitely be in my book, or if you particularly despise one of my Golden Gate photos, please drop me a line and tell me.

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