Aisle of Sight

Driving across the great central valley of California on my way to Yosemite, a fierce wind kicked up dust and limited my visibility. Then I noticed that the hazy light was selectively clearing with sunshine coming through. The light was definitely odd, but interesting and varied. A high wind was whistling the dust all around me.

Aisle of Sight by Harold Davis

Aisle of Sight © Harold Davis—Click image to view larger

I stopped at a long aisle of trees. I liked the painterly effect of the dusty light in the tress beside the road, and the distant perspective looking down the trees.

Without thinking too much about exposures or anything else I pulled out my camera, and snapped a photo. The next minute the dust had closed in again and the light was gone.

Exposure data: 62mm, 1/160 of a second at f/11 and ISO 200, hand held.

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  1. Harold Davis October 1, 2012 at 11:44 am #

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