Mono Lake Is for the Birds and Brine Flies

Mono Lake, photo by Harold Davis.

After our time in Yosemite Valley, watching the sunset from Glacier Point, floating down the Merced, and much more, Julian and I headed over Tioga Pass.

Along Route 120, we stopped to climb out on Olmsted Point for a view of Half Dome from above and took a swim in Lake Tenaya. I took the turn-off for Saddlebag Lake, and found Julian a snow bank to play in. He spent a couple of hours rolling in the snow, throwing snowballs, and so on! It’s amazing how much fun snow is to a kid who essentially hasn’t seen it before.

By the time we reached Lee Vining, it was dinner time, so we had ribs – Julian’s favorite – at the canonical place.

Next, we headed for the shores of Mono Lake, and wandered for a couple of hours until the sun started to set amid the tuffa, birds, and brine flies – peaceful, harmless creatures used by the Paiutes as a protein source.

Mono Lake Birds

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