Brush Tool

I’m getting more interested in explicitly painterly effects in my digital imagery. At times I am presenting myself as a painter who uses digital photos for my materials (although of course I am not offended if you call me a photographer!).


Brush Tool by Harold Davis

Brush Tool © Harold Davis

I’m also experimenting with printing on canvas—and maybe even working the surface of my digitally-printed canvases by hand.

So things seem to have come round in full circle. It seems like a good time to break out the tools of my first love in art. Some of my old paint brushes are shown in this photo.

I don’t suppose I’m likely to go back and start doing a great deal of physical painting—I enjoy my virtual tools so much. Digital tools are powerful, and I have mastery of my craft.  But still it is good to acknowledge painting with paint and non-virtual brushes as part of what I do, and one of the disciplines at the root of my current work.

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