Puddle In Zion

Slogging and sloshing up the narrows of the Virgin River, I came to a mud bank partially submerged and nestled against a canyon wall. The whole mud platform was maybe ten feet by five feet.

Looking down, I saw this puddle with reflections of the walls of the narrow Virgin gorge.

The logistical problems were purely physical. I put my tripod legs into the mud, and they sank several inches into the ooze. There was no place to put my camera backpack down, so I did a kind of wiggle dance, getting the items I needed out of the pack, hanging the items on my shoulders and neck, zipping the pack back up and slipping it on.

I used a polarizing filter to bring out the reflections in the puddle, and stopped my lens down as far as it would go for maximum depth-of-field so I could get both the foreground of mud and the reflections of the distant cliff in focus.

After a few exposures, it was the reverse wiggle dance to get everything in the backpack while keeping it dry, not to mention wiping the mud on my Gitzo’s legs off with my wet shirt.

[36mm in 35mm equivalent terms, 1.5 seconds at f/22 and ISO 100, polarizing filter, tripod mounted.]

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