Interview with Harold Davis

Suprada Urval has started a series of weekly interviews with photographers on her blog. I am her third interview subject. My interview covers a wide range of topics from how I got started in photography through night photography and more.

I’ve never been asked about my image titles before. Suprada’s question made me stop and think:

SU: How do you come up with such beautiful names for your photographs? I am in love with some of the titles in your “Digital Night” series. Names like “Estero by Starlight”, “Renegade Remaining Photons”, “Star Light Star Bright”, “Moon Glyph”, “Beauty in the Belly of the Beast” are quite fascinating. Are these inspired by song names? or Sci-fi ?

My answer (in part): “When I understand the essence of a photo—why I have photographed it, and what is important about the subject of the photo—then the titles seem to flow naturally for me. Telling the truth about what something is by naming it has great power. My sources do range from poetry to popular music to literature to scientific writing.”

Night in Yosemite

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