Phinding Photos in my Pholders

Pale Rose, photo by Harold Davis.

I’ve been rationalizing the organization of the my photos. This is nothing radical.

The problem is that the software that comes with my various cameras generates opaque folder names. For example, the Nikon stuff calls each folder imgxxxx (where xxxx is a four-digit number).

I stopped using the manufacturer’s software a while back (simply cutting and pasting instead) – but a alot of these folders persist. Depending on the vendor, they don’t have a date (Nikon) or don’t have a content description (Canon).

I’m just making sure that each folder (or, as they used to say, directory) with photos is named starting with the date the photos were taken and a slug that tells me roughly what the photos are of. For example, 2005.07.02 – Berkeley Rose Garden.

This naming convention is simple enough and it makes it a great deal easier to cruise through my file system (either using Explorer or the Adobe Bridge application) and find specific photos.

I’m about half way through the job of normalizing my photo folder naming (since I have a new additional Seagate 250 Gigabyte hard drive, for the time being I’m not running out of space!).

A benefit is that I’m finding nice photos that I missed the first time round, like this rose from the Berkeley Rose Garden.

More of my flower photos (refresh your browser to see a new selection):

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