Katie Rose at Home

Katie at Home

Katie at Home, photo by Harold Davis.

It’s been a week since we brought Katie Rose home from the NICU. There’s been some adjustment, of course, to having a newborn in the house, but mostly it is bliss watching her thrive. She is now in the vicinity of seven pounds, passed her hearing test, and seems very unlikely to develop ROP (one of the scourges of prematurity). Altogether, Katie Rose remains a miracle.

When we took Katie Rose in for her pediatrician visit she was weighed on a doctor’s scale:

Weighing Katie Rose

The next day we had a home visit from two nurses who had a more ad-hoc weighing device:

Weighing Katie at Home

Katie Rose likes to dress up, or more accurately, her mom likes to dress her up (fair enough after three boys!), and she doesn’t seem to mind. This outfit was a present for Katie Rose from Nurse Ashlee, who took care of her in the NICU:

Katie Rose Clotheshorse

Julian, Nicky, and Mathew are really pleased to have Katie Rose home. This is absolutely true of Julian and Nicky, and mostly true of Mathew. This photo shows Katie Rose and Nicky on the rug:

Katie and Nicky

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