Last few days to enroll for Get Your Camera Off Auto; November Workshops

I’ll be leading a session of Get Your Camera Off Auto here in Berkeley, California this Saturday—so there are only a few days left to enroll. This is the perfect workshop if you are new to photography and want to get the concepts and controls on your camera right in the first place, or if you are a more experienced photographer wanting a refresher in the core creative photographic ideas. The session is currently a little light on enrollment—which is good for you to get the maximum individual attention. I do not plan to schedule another session of Get Your Camera Off Auto until the autumn of next year at the earliest.9781580934787

Please also note two workshops scheduled for November: Advanced LAB Color Seminar on Saturday November 12, intended for those with some Photoshop already under their belt who want to learn about the stunning creative possibilities inherent in LAB, the weirdest color space; and Black & White in San Francisco, the weekend of November 19-20.

Black & White in San Francisco is one part field photography, and one part classroom instruction in creative black and white post-production. I’ll be demonstrating some of the techniques explained and developed for my new book, The Photographer’s Black & White Handbook: Making and Processing Stunning Digital Black and White Photos from Monacelli Press.

Also note my free webinar coming up on Tuesday September 20 sponsored by Topaz Labs, A Touch of Art with Harold Davis and Topaz.

Full Day Workshop: Get Your Camera Off Automatic with Harold Davis

Have you always wanted to take fantastic photos, but somehow they never seem to come out as well as you see them in your mind’s eye?

By leaving their camera in one of the programmed automatic modes many photographers fail to realize their full creative potential. At the same time, if you don’t shoot manually you won’t learn the basic concepts of photography. In this intensive one-day workshop you will learn all you need to know to successfully support your creative vision by using your camera to its full potential.

© Harold Davis

Cordes-sur-Ciel at Sunrise © Harold Davis

Besides presentations from award-winning master photographer Harold Davis, this workshop uses hands-on exercises to “cement-in” the concepts you will learn.

Where: MIG Meeting Place, 800 Hearst Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94710

When: September 17, 2016, 9:45AM

Tuition: $99 per person.

What to bring: Your camera, camera manual, tripod (if you have one), and a sense of fun and wonder!

Registration: Click here for information and registration on Meetup!

So please bring your camera, camera manual, and tripod (if you have one).

Upper White River Falls © Harold Davis

Upper White River Falls © Harold Davis

Who is this workshop for?
If you’ve been enjoying shooting digital photos, but don’t really understand the underlying photographic concepts or what the camera settings do this workshop is a fun way to get quickly up to speed.

Perhaps you are used to shooting film and want to get up to speed on the concepts of digital photography. Then this intensive “Digital Photography 101” workshop may be for you.

Intermediate digital photographers may also be interested in this workshop as an easy way to help them reinforce and remember what they’ve previously learned.

Registration: Click here for information and registration on Meetup!

Manarola Painting © Harold Davis

Manarola © Harold Davis


9:45AM – Workshop orientation
10:00 – Fundamental concepts: Exposure, the exposure triangle, aperture, f-stops, shutter speed, sensitivity (ISO), sensor size, focal length, focus
11:00 – Setting your camera using the basic concepts
11:30 – Camera Clinic – first session
12:00 – Hands-on exercises
1:00 – Lunch break
1:45PM – Exercise review and concept refresher
2:30 – From camera to computer and digital post-production
3:30 – Hands-on exercises
4:30 – Review, wrap-up, and Q&A
5:30 – Camera Clinic – second session

Registration: Click here for information and registration on Meetup!

Rooftops of Paris © Harold Davis

Rooftops of Paris © Harold Davis

What past participants have said about this workshop:

“It was a great day filled with both opportunities to practice and many words of wisdom from Harold.”

“This was a most informative and interesting workshop. It covered the things I wanted to learn about, and I left satisfied. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good basic class.”

“Great workshop! Learned a lot! Also appreciate the effort that went into putting the class together – the small conveniences like water, snack, handouts, and a nice meeting space made it easier to get through the day without being overwhelmed. Highly recommended.”

Registration: Click here for information and registration on Meetup!

In a Blue Hour © Harold Davis

In a Blue Hour © Harold Davis



Registration: Click here for information and registration on Meetup!

When Flowers Talk © Harold Davis

When Flowers Talk © Harold Davis

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