At sixes and sevens this weekend? Photograph Black & White in San Francisco!

Free this weekend? Interested in a last minute extraordinary opportunity to photograph San Francisco with a master of digital black & white photograhy?

We are photographing San Francisco in black and white this weekend (Nov 19-20, 2016). This workshop will be one part photography, and one part classroom. As an overall matter, I plan to follow the arc of my upcoming book, The Photographer’s Black & White Handbook. That means (both in field photography and classroom sessions, in the context of participant exercises and my own work) examining the questions of what makes a good black & white image, how you find black & white subjects, and essentially pre-visualization in black & white.


I do find that people learn from each other in the context of this kind of small-group workshop. I will plan to tailor classroom sessions to specific interests and requests. That said, my own list post-production topics that I plan to address besides seeing in black & white and pre-visualization include:

  • Best-practices digital workflow for black & white
  • Working in color to create black & white
  • Conversion techniques including PS Adjustments, Nik Silver Efex, and time and interest permitting Topaz B&W and OnOne Perfect B/W.
  • Tinting, toning, and working with antique looks
  • Some special effects. I’m most interested in split toning via color selection, simulated IR, simulated solarization, and LAB B/W inversions, but there may be more.

I’m excited that classroom sessions will be held in a beautiful loft in San Francisco’s Chinatown. There’s plenty to photograph right around the location. Besides photographing Chinatown, we’ll also visit the Cable Car Museum, Fort Point, and the Golden Gate Bridge. If this appeals to you, click here to register (by RSVPing YES on Meetup)

Cable Car Wheels © Harold Davis

Cable Car Flywheels © Harold Davis

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Lonely Islet by Harold Davis

Lonely Islet © Harold Davis

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