Suite of Seeds—Which one do you like best?

Over the past several days I have photographed seed pods, aiming in many cases for an expressionistic sense of line rather than to capture literal form, to use photography as a tool for sketching and drawing. These sweet seeds come from a dandelion and several Godetia flowers that have formed a surprisingly robust seed pod. Some of the seeds (and seed pods) were photographed on a black background, and others on a light box (with inversions in LAB to a black background in many cases).

Seed Pod Umbrellas on Black © Harold Davis

Seed Pod Umbrellas © Harold Davis

Dandelion Seed © Harold Davis

Nucleus on White © Harold Davis

Nucleus on Black © Harold Davis

Seeds Above! © Harold Davis

Gone to Seed 1 © Harold Davis

Gone to Seed 1 Monochrome on White © Harold Davis

Gone to Seed 1 Monochrome on Black © Harold Davis

Dandelion Cups © Harold Davis

Dandelion Forest © Harold Davis

Dandelion © Harold Davis

Planet Dandelion © Harold Davis

Of course, there is hardly anything more common anywhere than a dandelion gone to seed. So I do love to travel, and like mixing it up, and putting myself in exotic places. But I’m also a firm believer that one doesn’t need to go far from home to have fun with photography. There are many interesting subjects right in your own backyard!

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