Flowers for Kwangsik

Kwangsik came from Korea to attend our San Francisco in Black & White workshop this past weekend. On Friday, by special arrangement, he spent some time with me going over my Photographing Flowers for Transparency technique. This is the composition I set up for him on the light box to use as an exposure and processing demonstration.

Flowers for Kwangsik © Harold Davis

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  1. Liz Cowburn September 18, 2017 at 4:13 pm #

    Hello! I was stunned when I saw this beautiful post in my WordPress Reader this morning and immediately shared it with my followers. Thank you. I love your work and a little while ago you permitted me to include your photo of Budapest in my post on Indigo – it was a wonderful feature image to start the post with.

    I’m seriously interested in inviting certain people who understand “beauty” and who are also gifted writers to contribute a guest post on this subject to my blog. You’re only the second person I’ve mentioned this idea to. There’s so much in the world to concern us but I’d like to encourage people to consider “beauty” and take a break from the negative stuff. Would you possibly be interested in contributing such a post along with some images to illustrate your content?

    Please let me know if by any chance you’d be willing to do this!
    Kind regards
    Liz Cowburn
    (Dunedin, New Zealand)

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