Annals of the Probe Macro

These are three variations on an image created by pointing my macro probe lens straight down on a parfait glass. I put a crystal ball in the parfait glass, and placed the ensemble on a light box. The lens extended down into the parfait glass, and close to the surface of the crystal ball—where the rim of the glass and the reflections in the ball created a mandala-like structure.

Parfait Mandala 1 © Harold Davis

Parfait Mandala 2 © Harold Davis

Parfait Mandala 3 © Harold Davis

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  1. By Ruth Asawa and my crystal ball on November 1, 2020 at 11:42 am

    […] the morning, I got to work. I started with a light box photograph down on a crystal ball, nestled in a parfait glass. As an aside, I find myself saying these days that my crystal ball is definitely not clear these […]

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