Creating Artists Books and Portfolios Webinar

Please bring your questions to Creating Artists Books and Portfolios, a webinar scheduled for Saturday March 13, 2021 at 11am PT. Or send your questions to us in advance. This is a complex topic with many aspects, and we look forward to a wide ranging discussion including issues of editing, presentation, marketing, and more. 

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In this webinar, we’ll present my Botanique limited edition artist book, my Monochromatic Visions and Kumano kodo portfolios, and other work. 

We’ll also demonstrate the Moab Flint portfolio system for displaying one’s prints. (In full disclosure, I am a Moab Master and sponsored by Moab Paper, which takes nothing away from their way-beyond-great products).

Themes covered in this webinar will include how to edit one’s work with an artist book or portfolio in mind, printing and constructing unique artists books, paper and binding, edition sizing, how to use portfolios to present your work and put your best foot forward, and how to market portfolios and artists books.

I fully believe that one doesn’t really see one’s work until you have printed it. In that light, making artists books and portfolios is an extremely important topic that is often overlooked. I hope you will join us.

Monochromatic Visions Portfolio prints © Harold Davis

Monochromatic Visions Portfolio prints © Harold Davis

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