Cruel & Unusual Lens

If your Dad is a photographer, and he owns a fisheye lens, sooner or later he’s going to stick it three inches from your nose and do his worst.

Fisheye Katie Rose

Adults know better than to let you take this kind of shot, but your kids don’t have a choice. Of course, they might always protest by sliming the surface of the expensive lens that is in the near proximity of moist mouthes and noses.

By the way, the interesting highlights in Katie’s eyes come from uncolored Christmas lights, the same technique used to light the eyes of the Elven queen Galadriel in Peter Jackson’s movie version of the Lord of the Rings.

Below, Julian actually seemed to enjoy mugging for the fisheye lens.

Fisheye Julian

However, it’s dangerous to have crumbs on your nose when said fisheye lens is nigh:

Julian with Crumbs

I’m lucky Nicky didn’t lick the lens, his tongue was so close:

Nicky Playing

Back then, Nicky enjoyed playing with wooden trains, a job description now occupied by Mathew.

Nicky and James

In this fisheye shot of Mathew, the usually distorting fisheye lens is actually used to normalize the curvature of the tunnel, as well as to add a sense of depth:

Mathew in a Tunnel

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