Artfully Random

I’ve stumbled into a new series of flower images. These images have in common the appearance of “artful randomness.”

They are supposed to seem casual and minimally arranged. But the fact is that I create these images from “the ground up” using both a scaffolding and an intermediate structural layer, so the appearance of randomness is just that—an appearance—and there is very little about these images that has been left to chance, whatever chance may be.

In art, I like to think, there are no accidents, only serendipity. To play fast and loose and improvise, first understand and master your craft!

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Falling Flowers © Harold Davis
Iris Lattice © Harold Davis
Dancing with the Flower Stars © Harold Davis
Canopy of Flowers © Harold Davis
Butterfly Ranunculus and Friends © Harold Davis
Music of Irises and Poppies © Harold Davis

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