Bridge Shadow

The four of us, Phyllis, Julian, my new lens, and I, went on a sailing excursion today on the Adventure Cat, a fast sailing catamaran on the bay.

This was probably one of the last nice days for sailing before the winter rains set in. The clouds, wind, and sun made fantastic patterns of light and shadow around the Golden Gate Bridge.

The shadow reminds me of the emergency signal used to call Batman.

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  1. RavenGrrl November 5, 2005 at 11:52 am #

    wow! that’s fantastic, Harold. Good eye — and you were in the right place just when this misty stuff was happening. For me, this image holds ambiguity, since I have just finished reading the SF Chronicle Feature Series on people who have jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge… it’s hard to look now at an image of that bridge w/o thinking of the great number who choose to end their lives from it’s heights. Beautiful photo, anyway.

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