Golden Gate Sunset

Heading home from a meeting yesterday afternoon, I looked up to see a wonderful sunset sky.

When I pulled into the garage, I ran upstairs and grabbed my photo kit. From our roof, we used to get an unobstructed view of the Golden Gate Bridge, but not anymore. Trees have grown up so you can see part of the bridge, but not all of it.

Disappointed, I went back downstairs without taking a single picture. Company was coming over for dinner, and a frazzled Phyllis had just got off the exercise machine. I helped her unload the dishwasher, all the while “sniffing” the incredible light outside.

Finally she said, “Why don’t you try Indian Rock. Don’t forget, our guests will be here in half an hour.”

I drove over to Indian Rock, about ten minutes away. It was getting darker. I had trouble finding a parking place.

I climbed the rock, carrying my big VR zoom lens in its own bag. On top, someone cheerily called out to me, “You are ten minutes too late!”

Oh, well! I think I was just on time. The photos above and below were processed twice from the Raw. Bottom exposures and top exposures were put together using layer masks and a gradient, as I explained in my last post.

Golden Gate Dusk

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