Solo Water Drop

Water Drop, photo by Harold Davis. Click to view larger version of this photo.

This is a photo of a single drop of water in a thin tree branch that I photographed yesterday morning with my Lens Baby and macro filters. I took the picture outside our dining “nook” while the kids were having breakfast, getting ready for school, and cackling about their Dad photographing outside in the rain.

The blue color comes from the blue paint used on the exterior sashes of of our windows, but I couldn’t figure this out at first. The image has almost no depth of field. The twig the water drop is dripping from is making a triangular motion effect.

I’m intrigued by how abstract this water drop has become. (There are more water drop photos taken with my Lens Baby to follow!)

I didn’t use an aperture ring (the Lens Baby equivalent of wide open) and exposed manually at an ISO of 200 and shutter speed of 1/125 of a second. I only performed routine level-balancing and sharpening work in Photoshop.

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