The Fly and I

It all started this morning with this fly buzzing around my work room. After I’d captured the fly, I got out the Lens Baby transmogrification disintegrator reintegrator.

My wife said, “Not the Lens Baby, please! A bee is one thing but a fly is quite another. I’m taking the kids, and when I come back, I don’t want to see gross hairs coming out of your arms, at least any grosser than they are now!”

I put the camera on a tripod (portentous music), and photographed the fly on a cyclomen petal (which accounts for the lucious background color).

I photographed it conventionally with my macro lens and extension tubes.

So far, I’ve mostly been using the Lens Baby handheld. But I figured since I had the setup and the tripod, I might as well try different Lens Baby aperture rings as well. It worked best with the wide open aperture ring and the Lens Baby macro kit, exposed at about 1/60 of second.

You really don’t want to see too much of the fly. At least I don’t, and I don’t think my wife does either.

So to heck with being conventional, if you are going to trade places, er, I mean photograph, a fly, you might as well use the Lens Baby and its macro filters.

So why it is so upsetting to watch a head like my head appear on the fly, and fly hairs grow on my wings? I seem to be making a buzzing sound, and I won’t even mention my distressing food cravings. And that fly with my head has got my D70, and keeps saying, “Say Cheese!”

Help me! I’m turning into that which I photograph. And, oh yeah (more portentous music). That transmogrification disintegrator reintegrator is busted. I CAN’T CHANGE BACK! HELP ME! HELP ME! (Fade to black.)

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