Boost That ISO!!!

When it’s rainy and dark outside–approaching the shortest day of the year–what’s a photographer to do? With this photo I was playing with my Lens Baby, and experimenting with taking up the ISO as far as it could go (to 1640 on my D70). So the name of this song is “grain for rain;” more accurately, “noise for rain.”

I needed the ISO boost to be able to hand hold close-up flower macros (these with the f/4.0 Lens Baby aperture ring at 1/160 of a second).

Lobelias are pretty small, and the grain, er, noise, is kind of grainy (or noisy), but this effect isn’t for everybody or every photo!

Here’s another rainy, noisy photo from the series:

Red Wetter

View this image larger.

And yet another, of a decorative cabbage (I think the noise kind of works in this one!):

Rainy-Day Cabbage

View this image larger

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