City of Nets

Coming out of Zion with kids still coated in sand from Coral Pink Sand Dunes I polled the troops. Perhaps it was the mention of being careful about rattlesnakes when camping in Nevada, but somehow the boys seemed very enthusiastic about a resort hotel with a swimming pool.

Later Than You Think

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It’s amazing how you can find connectivity almost anywhere these days. I got out my laptop, and within a few minutes had located a promotional deal for the Wynn Casino in Vegas, which promised not one, not two, not three, but five swimming pools (with the neighboring Encore property thrown in).

We rolled into Vegas like country bumpkins, the ark stuffed with sand, crumbs, and camping gear. Vegas is not my favorite place, and it was weird marching across the casino floor kids in tow.

Up on the thirty-fourth floor, our room had a view (above and below), as well as plush beds and a bathtub that could have been swimming pool number six. Valet service had delivered our gear to the room while we checked in. All in all, not half bad.

Room with a View

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As I’ve said, I’m not a Vegas fan, which should come as no great revelation to anyone who knows me, or reads my blog. But it was fun being there with the kids because they enjoyed it so much. The pirate show at Treasure Island was a big hit with them because “actual blank” canon balls were fired (the undulating boot-and-bikini clad sirens of Treasure Island weren’t even noticed). Ah, innocence!

Coming back into the casino floor lobby of the Wynn through a maze and gallery of ridculously conspicuous and vulgar overconsumption, Julian asked me, “Dad, how long would this place last if they turned the power and water off?”

“Probably the desert would be sifting through here in less than twenty years.”

“But Dad, would they still be playing poker at that table in the corner?”

I think Julian got the place. The truth is, they were nice to us, and didn’t bat an eye at our obvious ungambling and unspending ways. Having the boys with me helped me to see how many people do enjoy the place, as artificial as it is.

Later on, with boys tucked in, I went out and photographed Vegas at night. My idea with the gondola photo (below) was to make the exposure long enough so the boat in motion blurred, so I stopped the lens down to f/22 so that a ten second exposure was viable.

Merchant of Vegas

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