Raindrops Keep Falling

Falling, photo by Harold Davis. View photo larger.

It rained last night. Between dropping the kids off at school and getting ready to go across the Bay to MacWorld, I noticed these beautiful drops in the garden.

I was dressed in my presentation clothes–not that these are much, in this case a pair of clean pants and a Lens Baby T-shirt that I won as my honarable mention prize in the Lens Baby macro contest. Keeping reasonably presentable, a contradiction with down and dirty photography, was on my mind. (Here’s my honorable-mention winning photo.)

To start with, I took out my new water-proof toy, which can kind of be used casually (and of course all the wetness didn’t matter to it). But using it felt a bit removed from the water drops, and I couldn’t get in close enough with precision.

So I trotted out the classic macro technology, the D70 on a tripod stopped way down with long exposures and my 105mm macro lens with 68mm of stacked extension tubes. What fun!

Water Queue

View photo larger.

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