Finally! Centered! After many long troubles, toils, and fear: the sun centered above the suspension arcs of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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(It took a fair amount of sleuthing to figure out how to actually get those XML/XHTML brackets in the text of my story using WordPress; here’s how.)


You can read about the hardships, privations, desert nights, climbs up mystical peaks, and other fantastic adventures and dangers that were involved in the creation of this photo here and in this earlier entry showing the sun centered over the southern tower.

Well, maybe I do exaggerate somewhat. Perhaps you don’t want the back story and would just prefer to look at some of the other pretty photos of the sun near its perigee with the span of the Golden Gate Bridge taken from Indian Rock.

Not quite centered, but as close to the perigee as one is likely to capture:


View this photo larger.

In this one, the sun looks to me like it has merged with the bridge, and is sitting on the road between the cables:


View this photo larger.

I’d like to have been on the sailboat in these photos!

In this photo, the sun’s arc has taken it over the edge of the known world–and to the right and north of center as our star sinks:

Over the Edge

View this photo larger.

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