Quad, photo by Harold Davis. View this image larger.

I went across the Bay and down to the Peninsula, where Joseph showed me around Stanford University in Palo Alto. We had a great time, and while waiting for night the arcades were fun to photograph. As I took these photos, my head was spinning with the Escher-like possibilities, given my Photoshop tendencies. In my opinion, creating composite digital images where the elements are one or more photos is a great new medium for our times.

The original image was shot with my 10.5mm fisheye, on a tripod, for 2 seconds at f/20 and ISO 100.

In Photoshop, first, I duplicated the shot and rotated it with a horizontal flip. I pasted the rotation on top of the original, and used it to enhance the symmetry on the left side of the image.

Next, I opened a blank document the width of the original (horizontal) image and twice its height. I placed the original in the top of the new document as a layer. I rotated a copy of the original with a vertical flip, and pasted it as a third layer. Voilà!

The usual caveats apply: this may be more than you wanted to know; this was harder to do than it sounds; and, I don’t think I’m done with the architecture of Stanford.

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